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Selling your jewelry can be an emotional and daunting task. Whether it’s a family heirloom or a valuable modern piece, don’t trust your treasures to just anybody. At iStuffSellers, we can sell your jewelry on your behalf. Our jewelers and gemologists specialize in evaluating estate, heirloom, vintage, and antique jewelry with the finest attention to detail.

iStuffSellers has 15 years of experience with estate jewelry—gold, diamonds, watches, and vintage jewels in any form, regardless of condition. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest integrity standards, and we are 100% committed to your satisfaction. You can rest easy knowing your transaction is being handled with expert care from start to finish.

Our Estate Jewelry Assessment Process

At iStuffSellers, we use a 3-point testing system to assess all of your estate jewelry accurately. Our process includes the following:

Acid scratch test

By administering different acids to the precious metal in question, we can determine the pureness of your gold or silver.

Electronic tester

Using a unique electronic device, we go a step further to ensure the purity of your rings, necklaces, watches, and more.

X-ray fluorescent test

XRF testing can detect the purity of metals without damaging or leaving marks on the pieces in question.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Jewelry

Know the value : Don’t get caught up in the emotions of selling your treasured jewelry. Get your jewelry appraised by professionals such as iStuffSellers to determine the most accurate pricing
Be informed : Research the type of jewelry you are selling and how much similar items usually sell for. Look into all your options for dealing with your piece, such as re-setting stones.
Be realistic : Have a range of what you would accept for the piece, and make sure you are willing to take the offer. Again, don’t get stuck on the jewelry’s sentimental value.

How to Sell Jewelry

Whether you’re looking to declutter your home or make some extra cash, selling your jewelry on your own can be a daunting task. However, hiring an estate sale agent can give you peace of mind and save you a ton of time and effort, as the professional liquidator will take care of the marketing and sales processes. If you’re looking to sell your jewelry but don’t know what to do, here’s a simple guide for you to follow:

  1. Prepare Your Jewelry: All the jewelry you want to sell should be prepared before contacting any estate sale agents. Examine their condition carefully; jewelry in good condition with a high market value is typically sold at higher prices.
  2. Find an Estate Agent: You may search for ‘sell jewelry near me’. At iStuffSellers, we provide services in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC area. However, we can make special arrangements for clients outside those locations. If you need us, please call 301-401-6688. 
  3. Schedule a Consultation: Once you find your trusted estate sale agent, contact them and discuss your needs, including evaluating the jewelry that you wish to sell strategically. 
  4. Set Up the Sale: Work with the representative to set up the sale’s date and location. Once everything has been planned, the estate sale agent will handle marketing to attract potential buyers, and manage the event including handling sales transactions.
  5. Get Paid: The estate sale agent will give you a settlement statement when the sale is complete, then issue payment to you
Choose iStuffSellers When You Want to Sell Your Jewelry in VA, MD & DC
When you need to sell your gold, silver, or anything else in your jewelry collection, you can count on iStuffSellers. We are fully licensed to buy and sell precious metals and are highly accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Our attention to detail and years of experience consistently guarantee a fair return for your valued jewels. We ensure free, fair market appraisals and will get you top dollar for your beloved merchandise.
Secondhand Precious Metal Object Dealers and Pawnbrokers License #2762


What do I need to know before selling jewelry?

Determine your item’s value, but keep in mind that the offers can be higher or lower depending on the current value of the piece of jewelry, its current condition, the designer, etc.

Is it good to sell old jewelry?

The amount of money you get back from selling old jewelry depends on its current market value. However, if you take really good care of your jewelry and know its worth, selling it later can still give you a decent price back.

How to safely sell my jewelry?

You can list your jewelry on an online consignment platform, or you can contact an estate sale company like iStuffSellers to assist you with the sale.


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