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Estate Sale Services

Estate Sale Services Estate sale services are a type of business that helps people sell their belongings for cash. They provide a platform for people who want to sell their belongings and make the process as easy as possible.

Estate sale services typically include setup, marketing, and logistics. Set up includes staging the home to make it look presentable, removing clutter, and taking inventory. Marketing includes things like online advertising and social media campaigns. Logistics includes the transportation of items from one location to another or ensuring everything is taken care of before the sale starts.

Dealing with an estate sale or probate situation can be overwhelming. There is absolutely no effort necessary on your part. Whether you have storage units filled to the brim or a single-family home to clear out, we will ensure the estate liquidation goes off without a hitch.
It’s an honor for iStuffSellers to assist in sorting and liquidating something as personal and vital as your estate. We always aim to get you top dollar for your items, and we will never charge you an upfront fee.

As a professional estate sale company, we can handle any estate sale concern from start to finish. We offer offsite auctions, online sales, consignment, onsite estate sales, complete estate cleanouts, buyouts, appraisals, and house cleaning. If you are still determining which estate service you need or should choose, we will walk you through each of our services to determine which would be most beneficial for your situation.

Our Estate Sale Services in MD, DC & Northern VA

Although your possessions may carry sentimental value, it's possible to have too much "stuff." Count on iStuffSellers for Estate sale services. There are many reasons why a family may believe an estate sale is right for them, and these include the following:
Downsizing – Whether you or a loved one recently retired or you’ve decided to simplify your life, iStuffSellers can provide quality downsizing sale services.
Moving – When relocating, taking stock of your items and belongings is essential. If your new home is going to be smaller than your current one, then a moving sale is a great way to ensure you don’t overpack and that your moving will go smoothly.
Divorce – After a marriage ends, so do the shared responsibilities and ownership of various items and belongings a family may possess. In a divorce sale, it may be easier to quickly and efficiently sell old household items and belongings than to decide who will be tasked with keeping them.
Bankruptcy – We work with court-appointed trustees to ensure a bankrupt estate’s contents are sold quickly and for the appropriate value.
Death – It’s hard enough after you lose a loved one; the last thing a grieving family should have to do is organize an estate sale for the departed person’s belongings. At iStuffSellers, we let families focus on what’s important: each other. That’s why we organize and market estate sales for parties that have recently lost a loved one.

What Can I Sell at an Estate Sale Service ?

We specialize in handling unique and out-of-the-ordinary estate situations. It’s common for a relative or loved one to leave a personal or sensitive item behind, such as a pet. We always handle these situations with the utmost care and consideration for you and the estate.
We have experience selling.

Appraisal Services in Northern VA, MD & DC

Our clients often inherit items they need clarification on the value. We can appraise your articles, so you know each possession’s market value and a realistic asking price. There are instances when a client is unsure what can and can’t be sold within their estate. We are happy to walk you through the estate sale process and ease the stress of attempting the estate liquidation on your own. iStuffSellers has a long history of selling collectibles, antiques, and other rare and hard-to-find items. We’ve just about seen (and sold!) it all.
If the estate you want to sell contains such items, we have professional appraisers who will tell you exactly how much the things are worth. We work to get you the highest price on your items to ensure 100% satisfaction after the estate sale is open.

Why Choose iStuffSellers

You may need estate liquidation assistance in different circumstances, including downsizing, moving, divorce, bankruptcy, or death. Our clients are released from the burden of setting up the estate sale and marketing the sale to potential buyers, along with online auction assistance and off-site sales.
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Our Success Stories
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Real Results

Our experienced estate sale encompasses a comprehensive approach to liquidating the contents of an estate with professionalism and care.

Here are our real results.

Chevy Chase Estate Sale

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Mclean Va Estate Sale

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Potomac Estate Sale

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When you need fast, quality services from an experienced estate sale company, call iStuffSellers.

We’ve worked with clients that needed estate liquidation services for a variety of purposes.


Where are your sales located? Where do I find the sale address?

Each estate sale is located in a different house, often in Potomac, Great Falls, and the MD, VA, and DC area. We post the address for each of our sales the day before the sale opens. You can find the address on the sale listing on our upcoming sales page or you can join our email list and we’ll send you an email with all the sales info including the address.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all forms of payment: cash, check, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, and credit card which comes with a 3% processing fee, so bring cash!

Do you discount your items as the sale progresses?

Yes, we do. Typically the 2nd to last day is 20% off. And on the last day, everything is 50% off. This is dependent on our client’s discretion. However, jewelry is never discounted.

Can I find out the price before the sale?

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of estate sales and auctions we are performing, we are unable to answer every price inquiry on the thousands of items we are selling each week.

When I’m at the sale, how do I purchase an item I want?

Simply take it to the register and someone will check it out. If it is an item that is too big to carry, communicate your intention to purchase and one of our employees will mark it as sold and assist you with transportation to your vehicle or household.

If I buy a larger item, how do I get it home?

We have in-house movers who can transport items for an additional fee.

What is your return policy?

We only accept returns for electronics that have not been previously tested by our staff.

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