Estate Auction services in VA, MD & DC

Have good quality items and want to get top dollar for them? Let iStuffSellers sell all of your stuff to the highest bidder. Whether by an onsite auction or virtual auction, we have the right option for you. Let us evaluate your belongings to determine what has value by one of our professional licensed appraisers.

Our Experience of Estate Auction Services.

Everyone has items lying around that keep gathering dust, let iStuffSellers turn those items into cash for you. From fine art, handmade rugs, jewelry, to even the car in the garage, everything has a buyer somewhere looking for what you have.

The Auction Services you’re looking for

Let our experienced staff help you with all of your appraising and distribution needs. Whether it's one item or an entire household of contents.

Major Estate

Let the number 1 most viewed estate sale company in the DC metropolitan area handle your estate. Allocating assets for our clients is our passion.

Estate Auction

Our auction curators will make a difficult situation quick and easy. Let our experience of selling find the right avenue for you and shed as much light on the process as possible. From executors, beneficiaries, and trustees seeking assistance with an estate,

Specialty Auction

Auctions are a wonderful way of selling all of your unique items. Learning about your collection with a free evaluation doesn’t have to be a confusing process.

Our tailored Auction Services

iStuffSellers wide range of auction selling services will be specially tailored to your needs.

Trust in Our Auction Service by iStuffSellers

Our team is committed to providing the highest level of liquidation services. Our team of appraisers are members of the International Society of Appraisers and abide by all standards and codes of ethics of the American Society of Appraisers.