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Sell Your China Dinnerware with iStuffSellers
If you want to make some extra cash, you’re attempting to downsize and declutter, or you’re handling an estate sale, never neglect to include your china dinnerware. Our team follows a stringent and thorough preparation method that takes advantage of extensive appraisals, successful marketing strategies, and excellent staging to ensure you get top dollar for your antique china and dinnerware sets.
Determining the Value of Your Antique China with iStuffSellers
When it comes to selling china, a few crucial factors need to be scrutinized to make a successful sale and ensure you get the total value of your china.
Understand the Condition of Your China Dinnerware

As with all antiques or collectibles, the condition of your china will be the most vital factor in defining its price, along with age and scarcity. Our appraisers will use a multi-stage appraisal process to fully determine the condition of your china and fine dinnerware. Still, as the seller, you should also be aware of the specific criteria determining a piece’s condition. When inspecting your china, look for the following:

Understand How Demand Impacts the Price of China

Even for rare pieces, the price can be drastically altered according to whether or not collectors are currently looking for that item. Most china sells well when a collector is missing a particular piece from a set or when market changes have impacted a group’s scarcity—the importance of how, when, and to whom you sell your china.

This is why iStuffSellers uses a strong marketing campaign to sell china and other collectibles and estate sale items. We make sure to let all reputable buyers know through email campaigns, advertisements, newspaper ads, and more so that your things get the total exposure they need.
Choose iStuffSellers to Appraise & Sell Your Antique China

We offer peace of mind when the time comes for you to sell your china. iStuffSellers has a team of accredited appraisers with years of experience, dedication, and commitment who are readily available to price your items at the correct market value—we ensure you get the highest price possible.

You can know that our appraisals comply with all ethical and performance standards of the American Society of Appraisers and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.
Sell Your China Dinnerware with iStuffSellers in MD, VA & DC
iStuffSellers is experienced in selling both sets and single pieces of china. We’ve worked with fine china, bone china, fine dinnerware, and more. Through our years of experience, our eye for detail and adherence to precise work, and our strong local network of reputable buyers, we are your number one choice for dependable china dinnerware sales.
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