Estate Clean Out Service in VA, MD & DC

Estate Clean Outs Service, Junk Removal & House Cleaning in VA, MD & DC area

Need a complete clean out ? Have an upcoming closing date or are anxious to get the realtor in there to get the house on the market? Let iStuffSellers do all of the hard work for you.

Scope of Our Estate Clean Out Service / What is a Clean Out Service?

No job is too big or too small. IStuffSellers does all of the loading, disposal, and clean up. We can leave the house completely devoid of all contents all the way down to the last paper clip.

How Our Clean Out Service Works ?

First and foremost, we are professional sellers. So if there happens to be anything of significance within the house, we can sell it for you at auction or even at one of our upcoming estate sales. A professional appraiser with a watchful eye will examine all of the contents for anything that might be sellable. And there is nothing that we can’t take from furniture, appliances, electronics, and even all of those hard to reach items in the attic.
Secondly we will try to recycle as much as we can through our donation network. We don't enjoy filling up landfills so we are going to be trying hard to find a new home for all of your items. And lastly, any refuse will be taken to the dump. Junk removal made easy.

Choose iStuffSellers for your Clean Out needs.

We do all the hard work for you. And in the end we will be leaving the house broom swept and vacuumed and ready for the new home owners to move in.