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Many people are tempted to toss old electronics, believing that these items have lost their value because technology has evolved. The fact is that even old electronics can fetch a pretty penny on the auction block. This is especially true if the item is rare and still in working condition.

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What Old Electronics Are Valuable?

How to Make the Most with Your Older Electronics

Apple computers from the company's early days are valuable possessions that should not be tossed aside. Apple's legendary following means that there is a ready market of collectors eager to get their hands on the company's most iconic models.

Old gaming systems from Atari are also valuable collectors’ items. The Atari VCS is a rare model that die-hard fans of computer gaming love to hook up to their flat-screen televisions. When they’re in working condition and come with a bevy of games, these systems can fetch tens of thousands of dollars.

Contact iStuffsellers for more information on how we assess the value of your old electronics. We will be happy to walk you through the appraisal process and help you determine the true value of these items.

Cashing in on Sentimental Value

Selling Electronics in Potomac, Bethesda, Great Falls, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Reston & Silver Spring

Many old electronics have more sentimental than intrinsic value. Items from the 1980s and 1990s such as handheld gaming systems, Speak & Spells, Nintendo, Sega, etc., are popular with Generation Xers and others eager to keep those childhood memories alive. When it comes to selling old electronics, sentimental value can easily translate into a sale of several hundred dollars.

The same is true for old telephones, watches, and clocks. These items are even more valuable if they are in good condition and are functional. For those who enjoy a retro look in their home, these items can be the perfect piece to add to their growing collection.

Fixing Old Electronics

Wires wear out, connections break, and dials stop working. When selling old electronics that have stopped working, you will want to have them professionally repaired. This ensures the repair is done correctly and that the item won't pose a fire hazard when it's plugged in. Individuals should never attempt to repair old electronics on their own.

Contact iStuffsellers to learn more about repairing and reconditioning old electronics in the DMV area to look and work like new. We'll help you determine whether the cost of repairs will be recouped during the auction process.

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sell electronics online

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