What Are Estate Clean-Out Services?

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Estate clean-out services are a type of business that helps people during the sale of their estates. Clearing out a home is no easy feat, and neither is selling those items at a suitable price. Through the use of professional appraisers, an estate clean-out service doesn’t just help you clear out your home, it also helps you price your soon to be former belongings at the market value and make top-dollar when you sell them off.


How Do Estate Clean-out Work?


How Do Estate Cleanouts Work?


An estate clean-out works when a home’s owner or their relatives begin the process of removing any and all assets from their home so that they can liquidate or sell them off quickly, or, split it with other inheritors of the estate. This process is usually done by the estate’s homeowner or manager, but it is sometimes much easier to consult and hire an estate clean-out service in order to streamline the process.


How Do I Clean-out My Estate?


How Do I Clean Out My Estate?


The very idea of clearing out your estate might seem daunting, and that is to be expected. You may have accumulated years worth of belongings and aren’t even sure how to sort them out, let alone where to start. But this is where estate clean-out services like iStuffSellers comes in. Let us walk you through it. Like all things, the most important things to do are:

  • Have a plan in mind – by this we mean planning out how you intend to clear out your home, and consider how you’ll be decluttering your home before you start cleaning house.
  • Clear out the trash first  Estate clean-out services recommend just straight up removing trash first. Don’t forget to have a few trash bags ready.
  • Begin sorting your things – before taking this step, it is important to have at least three different categories which your belongings will fall under, namely keep, donate, or store. Once this is done, start small and sort out your things one step at a time. Don’t forget to take breaks!
  • Donate or store your items away – once you’ve packaged things you intend to be rid of, it’s time to take a trip to a storage unit/donation center while you decide how to deal with them. Go there as often as needed.
  • Organize your remaining belongings – by the time you get to this step, you should have gotten rid of all but the most significant of your belongings. This is the part where you organize all the things that you’re going to keep. Put them in a nice pile in a separate room, or place them in containers while you prepare to ship them out to a new destination.

Why Should I Hire an Estate Clean-out Service?

It is quite possible to clean out an estate all by yourself. However, there are times when you should hire an estate clean-out service. One of the top reasons for this is:

  • Convenience: Whatever the size of your estate, sorting and clearing everything out is a time consuming process. An estate clean-out service makes things a bit more convenient for you.
  • Expertise: Estate clean-out services are familiar with all the various aspects of the job, and can even help you decide which of your belongings to keep or sell.
  • Empathy: Cleaning out an estate can be a very emotional experience for all people involved. Businesses specializing in estate clean-outs plan things out with respect to a homeowner’s privacy, and can help them prepare clean-out plans that suit their needs.

How Do Estate Clean-Out Services Sort and Dispose of Belongings?

Estatesale clean-outs are a very involved process, more so when it comes to the sorting and disposing of belongings. Estatesale clean-out services will often make use of their own appraisers, who will work with homeowners in order to start sorting belongings into three categories. The categories are:

  • Sell: These are belongings that homeowners may no longer want, but can sell for a small sum.
  • Keep: These are belongings that homeowners want to retain for any reason.
  • Dispose: Some belongings may need replacing, and thus need to be disposed of.

Professional appraisers and homeowners work together in sorting out various belongings in these three categories, after which those that won’t be kept are packaged to be sold, or prepared for proper disposal.


Benefits of Hiring an Estate Clean-Out Service?

Clearing out an estate by yourself is a very time consuming process, and an estate clean-out service will significantly speed up the process, ranging from paperwork to the sorting. Some other benefits of hiring an estate clean-out service include:

  • Peace of mind: Whether you are busy with work or simply don’t have time, estate clean-out services can ensure that most of the intensive work can be gotten out of the way in a professional manner.
  • Safety: Some belongings might be difficult to get rid of, especially if they are hazardous or heavy. Estate clean-out services know the ways and have the means to clear them out and dispose of them properly.
  • Compassionate: Parting ways with belongings may not always be a pleasant experience. Clean-out services are properly trained and vetted to ensure that you are respected while they help you clear out your estate.


What to Look For in an Estate Clean-out Service?

Estate clean-out services are in high demand, and finding the best one that suits your needs might be a little time consuming. iStuffSellers understands this, and have compiled a few points to consider while looking for an estate clean-out service:

  • Does the company offer a quotation?
  • Does the company offer recycling and donation services?
  • Is the company quick and efficient with its services?
  • How does the company dispose of hazardous materials?

The hallmarks of a good clean-out service combines professionalism, efficiency, services, and disposal methods for potentially hazardous materials. When looking for an estate clean-out service, always make sure that they give a quotation over the phone, are quick and efficient, can dispose of hazardous materials, and have selling/recycling services available.

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