Sell Your Gold in the Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC Area

Gold never loses its luster. When times are good, it’s appreciated for its beauty. When times are hard, it’s treasured for its stability and value. Over the long term, it’s a commodity that many people choose to incorporate within their portfolio. Whether raw or refined, in bars or as a strand of jewelry, the value of gold is timeless. It is a commodity whose value continues to increase as demand soars and supplies become more limited. At iStuffSellers, we help our clients appraise and market their gold assets. When our clients are ready to sell, we do our part to ensure they get the best price for their treasured items.

Let iStuffSellers Appraise Your Gold

All that glitters is not always gold. The fact is that many items many items believed to be gold turn out to be nothing more than gold paint or gold plate. That is why we strongly recommend an appraisal on gold coins, jewelry, bars, etc. The appraisal serves two benefits. First, it lets you know the true value of the gold in your possession. Second, it reassures prospective buyers that the items they are bidding on are genuine gold. This has dual-benefits. It makes it possible to set the starting bid at the appropriate price and it can increase the item’s value to bidders who can determine what to expect as the bidding progresses.

Are you curious as to what the gold you own is worth? Stop wondering how valuable it might be and contact iStuffSellers at 301-401-6688 to receive a certified, up-to-date appraisal of your valuables.

Selling Old Jewelry & Gold in the DMV Area

Not all gold is created equal. Some items, including certain gold coins and collectibles can become more valuable with age. Gold coins such as the famous Krugerrand, Austrian Philharmonics, Canadian Maple Leafs, American Eagles, etc. are prized collectibles. Their value is determined by market demand and rarity. This changes daily which is why it’s crucial to present an up-to-date appraisal and certificate of authenticity when it comes to getting the most for your gold.

Other golden geese that may be laying around the house include figurines, statues, pens, and other items that may have historical value. These items require special handling and review. In most cases, these items are gold plated and it is necessary to determine whether it is plated with 10, 14, 18, or 24 karat gold. This can be determined by an acid scratch test, electronic testing, or X-ray fluorescent testing. The purity level of the metal can have a significant impact on the item’s market value. However, it has little impact on its inherent value. The true value of the piece is influenced more by its

  • Historical significance
  • Origin
  • And age

Do you have gold coins and shiny antiques sitting on the shelf? When you contact iStuffSellers at 301-401-6688, we will help you determine the item’s true value and the best ways to market it to prospective buyers.

We Sell Gold by the Bar

Next to gold coins, gold bars are some of the most common items clients wish to sell during an estate sale. These are often 1 oz. bars that were bought piece by piece over many years. In many cases, the receipts or records are preserved as part of the individual’s portfolio. This can help authenticate the gold, show its appreciation over time, etc.

Are you ready to sell your gold? Contact iStuffSellers at 301-401-6688 and we will help you put an appraisal and marketing plan together that will help ensure the maximum sales price possible for your treasured assets. It’s our pleasure to help you transform your golden nest egg into cold, hard cash you can use for whatever you desire.

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