iStuffSellers: An Estate Sale Company

Offering Quality Estate Liquidation Services for Over 15 Years

Since 2013, iStuffSellers has been providing quality estate sale services to Northern Virginia, parts of Maryland, and Washington, DC. Our team is licensed and insured, so you know you can trust us with you or loved ones’ cherished possessions.

We pride ourselves on offering our clients all the services they need to successfully liquidate all of their assets. Most estate sale clients don’t want the responsibility of marketing the sale, so iStuffSellers takes care of it and makes sure your items get in front of the right people.

Upon entering your home or the site of your estate sale, we carefully sort, clear, appraise, price, and stage your home contents in an appealing manner to further ensure your belongings are sold. We also offer cleanup and disposal services for anything that is left over or unwanted after the sale has been completed.

Our experience with estate sales has allowed us to market and sell a variety of items. Although we originally bought and sold antiques, we’ve grown to help our customers sell a variety of wares and belongings. These include:

Cars and Vehicles



Sports Memorabilia

Household Items


iStuffSellers brings the experience and professionalism to handle all of your estate sale needs. Stop searching for “estate help,” and contact iStuffSellers online today, or dial 301-401-6688. You can also view our upcoming sales here.

What is an Estate Sale?

So, what exactly is an estate sale? An estate sale is a liquidation of assets for a family or estate. Sometimes referred to as a tag sale or contents sale, estate sales can include many items you wouldn’t find at a garage or yard sale.

There can be many reasons why an individual or family may choose to host an estate sale, including downsizing, divorce, death, and more.

Do you need help settling your own or a loved one’s estate? Dial 301-401-6688 or contact iStuffSellers online today.

What is a Professional Estate Sale Company?

A professional estate liquidation company like iStuffSellers helps clients who need their items sold quickly and efficiently. We market your estate sale to our network of buyers and potential new customers, set up the sale to ensure all of your possessions are properly displayed, and can even handle item transportation, removal, clean-up services, and more.

Choose iStuffSellers as Your Estate Liquidation Company

There are different circumstances in which you may need estate liquidation assistance, including downsizing, moving, divorce, bankruptcy, or death. Our clients are released from the burden of setting up the estate sale, marketing the sale to potential buyers, along with online auction assistance and offsite sales. The benefits of choosing iStuffSellers as your professional estate sale company include:

  • Our professional estate sales company is licensed, bonded, and insured to sell a variety of different items. (Secondhand Precious Metal Object Dealers and Pawnbrokers License #2762)
  • We have already compiled a network of collectors and buyers who will pay fair prices for collectibles and antiques.
  • We conduct our estate sales in a highly professional manner with security cameras and staff support for monitoring traffic to avoid any theft.
  • Our estate sales are designed to respect the estate and to show it off in the best possible way.
  • We can appraise and price any items that you’re unsure of, including jewelry, electronics, china, antiques, sports memorabilia, and more.

For quality content sale services in Arlington, Alexandria, Bethesda, Great Falls, McLean, Potomac, or surrounding areas in Northern Virginia and Maryland, choose iStuffSellers. Contact our fair, professional estate sale company online or dial 301-401-6688 so we can help make your estate sale an easy process.

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