There are a number of reasons to hire a professional estate sale company instead of trying to complete the estate liquidation process on your own. iStuffSellers helps hundreds of families each year to sort through their estates. There are a number of circumstance that arise in which you may need estate liquidation assistance including: downsizing, moving, divorce, bankruptcy, or death. Our clients are released from the burden of setting up the estate sale, marketing the sale to potential buyers, along with online auction assistance and offsite sales. Please read below for a concise list that outlines the benefits of choosing a professional estate sale company.

  • 1. ​A professional estate sales company is licensed, bonded,insured.
  • 2. Has compiled a network of collectors and buyers who will pay fair prices for collectibles and antiques.
  • 3. Many times relatives do not live in the area and cannot the time from their busy schedules to handle the details of an estate sale for their relative.
  • 4. Will provide an inventory with fair market values forpurposes.
  • 5. When our senior population moves into smaller independent or assisted living arrangements, they are not physically capable of conducting the estate sale and are overwhelmed by the relocation.
  • 6. Consulting with seniors to make sure decisions as to what items to sell and what items they will need in their new environment are made. Always encouraged to have family take the items they want to keep in the family.
  • 7. Estate sales are conducted in a highly professional manner with security cameras and staff support for monitoring traffic to avoid any theft. Our estate sales are designed to respect the estate and to show it off in the best possible way.
  • 8. No conflict of interest. We price the merchandise to sell for top dollar at the estate sale. There is no reason to have leftover items for an antique shop or rented space in storage. Leftovers, are either taken to auction or are donated to a local charity of the seller's choice